Saturday, 2 June 2012

EyeLeo Cares For Your Eyes

Eye Leo LogoOur eyes often get stressed after a long session in front of the computer.It is caused by the decreased blinking of eyes (asthenopia) while focusing on computer screens.More and more people have problems related to the eye because of these tiring sessions of work or the daily “social-networking” or by simply playing their favorite games.And the problem continues to rise and has grown into a major concern among the frequent computer users.

Don’t worry folks!! Let’s meet EyeLeo: a saviour of our eyes!! EyeLeo is a cute little software that helps you protect your eyes by giving them necessary breaks at regular intervals. EyeLeo once installed and configured, forces you to take regular breaks from your computer sessions.

Eye Leo On Desktop
The official EyeLeo website claims that when EyeLeo is used properly, it helps reduce the physical fatigue caused by long session on the computer.

EyeLeo Features:

Long breaks every hour
Short breaks
Fun eye exercises
Strict mode
Notifications for Upcoming Long breaks

Short Brakes in Eye Leo

EyeLeo comes up with a variety of features including a funny leopard host and easily customizable options. Hourly long breaks dims the screen and prevents you from using the computer for some time .The short breaks for shorter intervals like 15 minutes or less brings in a lot of fun exercises like rolling the eyes .EyeLeo becomes more concerned for your eyes when the strict mode is activated. Strict mode prevents you from cheating yourself and forces you to take a break by locking the screen.

This software is available FREE and is compatible with Windows XP,Vista,Windows 7 and 8.

Download EyeLeo
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