Sunday, 3 June 2012

Protect Your Google Acoounts With Two Step Verification

Email SecurityWith the number of cases of account hacking and other online fraud increasing every day, the importance of online account security has hit the sky. The most primary thing required for any web service is an e-mail account. Many people lose all their valuable data and in some cases money and online assets once they lose control of their e-mail account, which is a bit painful.Here we explore a method to protect your Google account.

Google has introduced an elaborate two step verification process which helps you protect your Google accounts by connecting your account to a mobile number. In this method you will have to enter a code sent to your mobile number, along with your account password.

To get started with two step verification process, you can either view the following video from Google or follow the step by step instructions below.


Log on to your Google account and go to account settings.Select the edit option for two step verification

How To Use Two Step Verification


Enter your details in the form as shown below and verify your mobile number by clicking the “send code” option.For receiving the codes you have two options: SMS and Voice call. Voice call options may be selected when the SMS delivery is not reliable.

Setup Two Step Verification For Google Accounts


This step asks you whether to trust the computer you are presently working on.Tick this above option only if you are using your trusted PC.

Google Two Step Verifcation



Use Two Step Verification For Google AccountWhen completing this step you will be asked to create application specific passwords for different applications like chrome, android applications…etc. You just need to enter these passwords only once and need not memorize them.You also have the options to revoke these application specific passwords at anytime.

You can also create and print backup codes which can be used in case of loss of mobile phone or in its absence.
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