Monday, 30 July 2012

Auto Post Your Blog Posts To Facebook:RSS Graffiti

What if your blog posts are posted on to your Facebook fan page automatically as and when your post gets posted on your blog? Good idea if you have a large blog and with a lot of posts daily but what if you are incredibly lazy like me to copy and share the blog post urls to your Facebook fan page? Again not a bad idea! Now it’s time to say Hello to RSS Graffiti , a wonderful Facebook application that helps you to post your blog posts automatically to your Facebook fan page on your behalf.RSS Graffiti works by grabbing posts from your blogs RSS feed.

Let’s stop talking for now and start action

Setting Up RSS Graffiti for Your Facebook Fan Page

Firstly, Go to the RSS Graffiti App (Make sure you are signed onto your facebook account).It may prompt you to grant permission to access your facebook account.Give it a yes!

Now we will go through the steps in activating RSS Graffiti for your Facebook page .After you have granted the necessary permissions to the app you will see a screen as below:

RSS Graffiti Add New Publishing Plan

Click on the "Add New Publishing Plan" option.

RSS Graffiti:Name New Publishing Plan

Now enter a name for your publishing plan and click "Create Publishing Plan".

RSS Graffiti:Add New

Click on the "ADD NEW" button as you can see in the above Publishing Plan Dashboard.

RSS Graffiti: Enter Your RSS Feed URL

Enter the url of blog/websites RSS feed xml file and click on "Add Source",then the source settings window will appear as below.It may also be noted that if you enter your twitter username then you can directly post your tweets to your Facebook fan page.

RSS Graffiti: Enter Source Details 
Under the "Basic" tab in this window you have options to set a feed title, feed source url and the required scheduling frequency.

RSS Graffiti: Advanced Settings 
Under the "Advanced" tab you have the option to adjust the post appearance and the cut-off time.The cut-off time is the time and date after which you want RSS graffiti to start publishing your posts to your Facebook fan page.

RSS Graffiti: Add New Target 

Now you have to add a Target for your RSS feeds to appear, that is your Facebook page.Click "ADD NEW" option in the target section (left) of the window above.

RSS Graffiti: Select Post Style  

In this stage you can select the target as your Facebook page (It may be noted the that the target can be your Facebook profile or even a group).Now select the post style of your choice.Once you've adjusted the settings according to your wish, Click "Save Changes".One more step and you are ready to go.

RSS Graffiti: Switch On Publishing 

Now make sure that you have turned on publishing by clicking the button in the middle.When its turned on the button changes to green as shown above and that's it.You are done!

Now you can sit back and relax while RSS Graffiti posts all your blog posts to your Facebook page.
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