Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How Much Electricity Does Your Computer Consume

Electricity Consumed By a ComputerKnowing how much electric power your computer is consuming isn’t a bad thing, especially during a time when electricity bills almost give you “electric shocks”. This post is intended for those “curious cats” i.e. the people who want to know about almost everything under the sun. Here we will look how to calculate the electricity cost for operating your computer.

Calculate the Electricity Cost for Operating Your Computer

For calculating the total electricity cost of running your computer, you need to get two values:

1. The total power consumed (in kilowatt) by the different components of your computer. Worried about how to calculate this thing? Stop worrying!! Thanks to Microsoft, We’ve got a freeware called Joulemeter for calculating the total power consumed by your computer. You can download and use Joulemeter to find the total power consumed by the different components of your computer.

2. The cost per unit (also called cost per kilowatt) of electricity in your location. This depends on your power distribution company. You can find this value from your previous electricity bills or you can find them by simply Googling for electricity tariffs in your location or from the official website of your power distribution company.

Now that you have both the values, you can calculate the cost of running your computer by simply multiplying both these values. It should be noted that these values are only approximate.

To sum up: Let the power consumed by your computer be: A kilowatts and the cost per unit be B cents, and then the cost of running your computer would be: A x B cents.

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