Sunday, 5 August 2012

Make Money Online With Fiverr

Have you ever thought you could get paid for doing someone else’s math homework or assignment? Or ever dreamt of getting paid for drawing stick figures? Oh oh! Stop there fellas! Don’t say that I’m talking nonsense as long as Fiverr exists on the internet. Well well , I forgot to introduce to you with Fiverr, A micro jobsite that pays you $5 for completing any simple job. It helps you earn at the least, pocket money for your school and at the most anything!

There are people who make thousands of dollars per month with Fiverr, but they are all experts in some kind of skills. You should have some kind skill so that people would love to hire you. It might be drawing pictures, designing a logo for a website or even creating a hilarious video of yours and the possibilities are endless as long as people love your work.

How Fiverr Works

How Fiverr Works

Since you want to make money from Fiverr you are called the "seller" of a service and you can offer any service for five dollars by posting these services in the form of Fiverr gigs.A buyer who needs your service will order for your service and will get charged $5 from his Paypal account.Once you make the delivery of your service, Fiverr then transfers $4 into your Fiverr account and take $1 for themselves as a service charge.You can cash it out into your Paypal account at any time.It is better to cash out after you make some good amount say $50 because Paypal also charges you for every transaction.

Getting Started with Fiver

For getting a clearer idea about Fiverr, simply visit and just have a peek in there.You can see different kinds of jobs posted by different people just like you, who want to make money online with Fiverr. Now you can see your “bulb glowing” with ideas! Why can’t you join Fiverr if you've got all those simple skills to make money online!

You can sign up with fiverr at any time and start posting your micro jobs called “Fiverr Gigs”. But getting noticed on Fiverr is yet another challenge! So you should be unique in your skills and make sure that people would love to hire you for your skills. Posting short videos about your gig would be great for improving your visibility as these videos often get featured on the Fiverr home page.

Don’t expect someone to order your gigs at the very moment you post them. It might sometimes take days to get your first order and again it all depends on your gig and how much people would love it. Remember perseverance always pays off. Once you get your first order make sure that you deliver it in time with maximum quality. Now let me stop talking and leave it to you. Good luck
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