Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How to Convert External Hard Drive to Internal Hard Drive

Want to convert your external hard drive to an internal hard drive? This can be done quite easily but there is an issue of speed, an external hard drive is usually designed and built to run at lower speeds compared to an internal one. You will not be able to experience speeds similar to an internal hard drive. So it is not advised to use an external hard disk as an internal hard drive. However there arise situations that require us to use an external hard drive as an internal one.

Most external hard drives available today are USB hard drives and are internally similar to your internal SATA hard drives except for the extra SATA to USB converter circuit board. This converter circuit can easily be unplugged and plugged back.

Convert External Hard Drive to Internal Hard Drive

The following steps will help you to use your external hard drive as an internal hard drive.

Step 1: Remove any connection cables to the external hard drive. Also switch of the power supply adapter if any.

Step 2: Carefully open the case of your external hard drive. the ways to open the external HDD may be differ depending upon the manufacturer .There are many ones with screws while some others contain simply some sort of interlocking mechanism which can be undone by simply using your finger nails.

External Hard Drive Case Opened

When opened, an external hard drive looks like this.

Step 3: When you have opened the external hard drive cover, you can see a SATA hard disk similar to the internal hard disk of your Laptop or Desktop PC. You will also come across a SATA to USB converter circuit attached to it. Carefully remove the hard drive from the case.

Step 4:
Unplug the SATA to USB converter from the hard drive.

Step 5:
Now you have a SATA Hard Drive that can be installed in your Laptop or Desktop PC. Install the hard drive to the internal hard drive slot of your Laptop or Desktop after removing the inbuilt hard drive.

Step 6:
Switch on the computer and start using your new external converted internal hard drive. You may need to install an operating system for operating your computer.

You can put back your external hard drive to its original state by simply following the reverse of the steps explained above.

1. Unplug any cables or power adapters before opening the case of the external hard drive.

2. Since there is a need to create a new partition and install an operating system, there are chances that data in the hard drive may be lost accidentally, great care should be taken while installing the operating system. It is advised not to use an external hard drive with important data.

3. Speeds experienced while using an external hard drive converted into an internal hard drive may be less compared to the speeds using an internal hard disk. This is due to the variation in various parameters of the hard drives.
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