Saturday, 12 January 2013

How to Reset Your PS3 Controller

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Anyone who owns a Play Station 3 might know that the major problem that they will face with their PS3 must be with the dual shock controller which is available with your PS3 console; it simply won’t get connected with your console in wireless configuration. You always have to connect your controller to the console with USB cable. The same problem occurs when you try to sync your dual shock controller to one of your friend’s PS3 console. The easiest way to solve this type problem is to reset your PS3 controller. Resetting your PS3 controller is a walk in the park, all you got to do is:

Step 1: Disconnect your PS3 controller from your console. Now, turn the controller upside down and you can find a tiny hole in the back (it is tinier than screw holes and is usually seen slightly right from the middle).

Reset PS3
Step 2: Now, use a tiny pin or a needle (not very sharp) to press a small button inside the hole (you can feel a button click while you do it).

Step 3: It’s almost done, now you have to sync the controller with your console (use the USB cable to do this), charge it for a while and then switch on your controller (press the PS button). Remove the cable and your controller will work just like a new one.

Resetting the controller is simple and will solve almost all types of problems you face with your PS3 controller unless you have damaged your controller or if the battery is dead.
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