Wednesday, 9 January 2013

When The Humble Light Bulb Became Smart

LIFX Smart Bulb
Take a look around you! Almost all devices and gadgets around have gone from just devices to smart devices.There is no exception in the case of a BULB!! You heard it!! The same bulb that lights your entire house. Can you imagine a bulb which can change its color in a second and increase and decrease its intensity on your wish? Guess what, it’s a reality now, there is a bulb which can do all this and much more and consume less energy than an ordinary bulb. Its creators named it the LIFX. The man behind this smart bulb is Phil Bosua.Research and Development was done at San Francisco, CA.

LIFX is the same as the humble light bulb at your homes,except the fact that it is smarter.All you have to do is replace your old bulb with LIFX and you’re good to go. The most important feature of LIFX is that it can be completely controlled by your smartphone. You can vary the intensity, color and even the pattern of glowing just with your smartphone. Each LIFX bulb can create more than a million colors, you can change it with your mood and if you wanna have a party at your home you can even create disco lights with you LIFX, It also creates lighting that matches the beats you are playing in your house party. And what if your phone is out of order? Don’t worry, your existing switch works well with LIFX as it did before with the ordinary light bulb.

You must be wondering how much energy it consumes. LIFX is an energy optimized device and it consumes much less energy than any other conventional light bulbs which you are currently using in your house. It also features other energy consuming techniques such as automatic on and off. It switches off itself when you leave your house and switches back on itself when you return home. It automatically increases the light slowly at morning when you wake up and dims the light as you fall asleep at night. With these energy saving features,You will never have to pay bill for the power you aren't really using.

LIFX currently works with iPhone and android devices (other platforms are being considered) and utilizes Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your smartphone and also connects to your local Wi-Fi network for extra security. LIFX is designed for long lasting each LIFX bulb unit is rated for 40000 hours of usage/25 years of use. I bet, LIFX is much more than anyone must have expected when they heard the word “smart bulb”. In this smart world a device like LIFX is much needed and demanding.
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