Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Convert Your Windows 8 Laptop to a Touchscreen Device

Imagine of a Smartphone which doesn't have a touch screen interface.Pretty ugly, isn't it? But you are doing the same, if you are using an ordinary PC or a laptop running on Windows 8.

Windows 8 is an operating system designed for touch screen devices, but most of the Windows 8 users did’nt consider upgrading to a Touchscreen device due to the sheer cost of the new hardware .Well, now you don’t have to buy an expensive touch hardware to truly experience Windows 8.

Targus, a computer accessory company has come up with a brilliant,very cheap and first of its kind Touch Pen that can turn most of the non touch screen computers into a touch enabled device. It works with all computers running on Windows 8 and Screens up to 17”.It helps its users to experience all types of Windows 8 touch functions like sliding and swiping.

The touch pen roughly has the size of your thumb and is very compact so that it can be easily carried with your laptop. It uses a small receiver which can be attached effortlessly to the side of the laptop screen and it constantly communicates with the small touch pen which you hold in your hand. The receiver is separately connected to the laptop via a USB cable. The pen doesn't harm your laptop screen as the tip of the pen is been specially designed as smooth.

Currently, it is almost not possible predict how well this gadget would be received by the Windows 8 users, simply because the feeling of using a touch pen accessory has a mammoth difference from touching with ones fingertips .Such a limitation could result in an incomplete Windows 8 experience. But as the old proverb says “Something is better than nothing” and this device surely is a great relief for the Windows 8 and touch screen enthusiasts who really cant afford to a real Touchscreen device upgrade.

The device is expected to be available by the end of this month and can be purchased online from and also from various other online retailers like
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