Friday, 15 February 2013

Advanced Surveillance Sensor Argus

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are the best when it comes to modern day Military surveillance. They are unmanned and get all the information needed for a military operation and also keeps an eye on enemy forces without risking anybody’s life. Latest UAVs have remarkable survival capabilities including stealth which allows them to sneak into enemy territories and gather important information. Argus is a new find in the field of surveillance UAVs; it can be simply defined as the next generation surveillance sensor.

Argus is so powerful that few of them can continuously monitor an entire country from large cities to small towns for hours depending upon the endurance of the drone it is been placed on. Argus has already completed its flight tests and is already been installed on US drones for doing long range surveillance.

Argus uses a live streaming technique for transferring high quality videos and images of the location. It is capable of taking images of resolution 1.8 pixel density, which is the highest ever in the world. It can also send high resolution images of a wide area in which each and every object can be individually identified.

A video showcasing its capabilities is been released in which an Argus mounted drone is  sent to a height of 7500ft above Virginia from where the demonstrator zooms into distinct object to show the level of resolution of Argus’s camera. The live streams were so clear that even flying birds can be seen clearly.This could be a great development in the field of surveillance but the concept of privacy of nations and individuals become almost myth.

Image Credits: Defence Images/Flickr

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