Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Drone to Bomb You With Food

Burrito Bomber 
What does a UAV do? Your answer would probably be about dropping bombs or maybe about aerospace surveillance. Well, your answer is right but not all UAVs do that. The Burrito Bomber UAV designed by Darwin Aerospace is a new breed of UAVs which are used to deliver Burritos at your doorstep! Burrito Bomber is specially designed to take deliveries and airdrop them to your doorstep within few minutes.

It works like this:

1.You place an order using the Burrito Bomber web app, your smartphone sends your location to the Burrito Bomber servers.The server creates a custom waypoint file which is supported by the drone’s autopilot system.

2.The waypoint file is uploaded to the drone, and of course your Burrito tube is also loaded and is sent towards you.

3.The drone parachutes your Burrito at your doorstep.While you help yourselves with the Mexican delicacy, the drone makes its way back home.

Burrito Bomber Infographic

It uses the Skywalker X-8 UAV airframe to form a food delivering flying wonder. The delivering mechanism is very similar to the ones used in the bomber UAVS and the aircraft is controlled by an autopilot based navigation system which has been developed by the folks at Darwin Aerospace for the purpose.

The whole idea of drones delivering food might sound a bit weird, but nobody knows! this might one day replace the pizza boys.Lets wait and see.

Images:Darwin Aerospace

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