Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cooking Oil Powers Flights From New York to Amsterdam

Don’t complain if your flight smells like cooking oil, if you are flying on a KLM flight, they use waste oil that is used to fry French fries or catfish to fuel their transatlantic Boeing 777 flights between New York and Amsterdam.

The leftover cooking oil that is collected from the eateries of Louisiana, US is processed and mixed with the jet fuel to form the biofuel for powering the flights.This eco friendly biofuel is obtained by mixing 25% of waste cooking oil and 75% of jet fuel.It might smell like fried fast food but it is totally safe for powering flights.
The Dutch airline will test this biofuel mix in 25 round trips across the Atlantic between New York’s JFK and Amsterdam’s Schiphol.KLM has long been using biofuel in their Europe flights and claims it to be their “Corporate Social Responsibility”. 

“It’s indistinguishable on a molecular level” from regular kerosene jet fuel,Capt. Rick Shouten, who flew the first flight of the series, said to the New York Post.

While waste cooking oil is available in plenty, but that doesn't make the new eco friendly jet fuel any less cheaper but it makes it as costly as $10 per gallon,due to the cost of processing the waste oil.But the chaps at KLM are optimistic about the future of this eco friendly jet fuel as they said in a statement on their website:
A lot still has to happen before biofuel will be available on a large scale and for it to be economically competitive in relation to fossil-fuel kerosene. We cannot achieve this alone. We absolutely need the commitment and support of all the relevant parties: business, government and society.

There are a lot of  other efforts to develop eco friendly jet fuel and this can be added to the list and we can wait to and see which one of these alternate fuels will power the flights of tomorrow.

Image Credits: Scott Sherrin
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