Friday, 1 March 2013

James Webb Space Telescope-A Successor to the Hubble Telescope

For past few years we were able to view deep space phenomenon like supernova explosions, formation of new stars and much more. Everyone must have seen pictures of supernova explosions and beautiful deep space images. Ever wondered how we are getting pictures of such deep space events. I know what you are thinking… well, it’s not computer graphics. It’s been taken from an in space telescope known as Hubble telescope. It can be simply defined as our eye in space.

Well, it seems like our eye in the space can’t see things as good as before and it will soon be replaced by a new system called James Webb space telescope (JWST) previously known as next generation space telescope. The telescope will be having a super large mirror with a diameter of 6.5 meters and will incorporate other sensitive instruments which will make the system one of the most advanced.

Its primary goal is to study the birth and evolution of galaxies, planets and stars and will analyze near infrared light waves to achieve its missions. The mission is headed by NASA with significant contributions from ESA and CSA and minor contributions from over 17 different countries.

It is named after James E Webb, one of NASA’s former administrator who played an important part in Apollo moon lander missions. The launch of 6500kg James Webb space telescope system is been slated for 2018 using Ariane 5 launch vehicle from Guiana space Centre ELA-3 Kourou, French Guiana . Once JWST is put into its orbit then mankind will have a new eye in the space and of course a better one though.

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