Monday, 8 April 2013

Convert Videos With VLC Media Player

VLC player is simply an awesome media player that one will never have to look back once he/she starts using it.It has a very simple and humble interface but it is extremely powerful and has many hidden features in it.The ability to convert videos is just one of them.

In this post we will look how to convert videos into different formats like mp4,WMA,WMV,MPEG-2,mp3 using VLC Player.

How To Convert Videos With VLC Player

To convert a video using VLC Player, launch the player and simply use the VLC Shortcut key CTRL+R or go to Media>>Convert/Save.

Convert Videos With VLC Player

Now browse and select the video you wish to convert using “Add” option and then press “Convert/Save” button.

Convert Videos Using VLC Media Player

Now select the destination folder in which you like to save your converted file using “Browse”and also name your converted file adding a .extension name. Here in this example we are converting the video into an mp3 file so we name it converted.mp3.Now select the profile, i.e. the format to which you would like to covert your video, in this case we have selected Audio-MP3 profile.

Now press “Start” and your conversion should begin in no time.The conversion progress will be shown in the playback window and once it is complete, you can find your converted file in the destination folder  that you have selected earlier.

You can similarly convert your video into different formats like FLV,MPEG-2,MP4,WMV,WMA.This conversion feature in VLC player is by no means comparable to options in other video convertor softwares but it could help you easily convert one or two odd video files in situations where you don’t have a video convertor software with you.
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